We source our protein products from Australian farms that are aligned with our company values of safe and sustainable production of food. We provide a direct connection between our customers and farmers using world leading practices to ensure our customers know where their food products come from and can be confident in the healthiness of our products. This is achieved by ensuring the traceability to guarantee where the products come from and sourcing products, where possible, from producers with world leading sustainability accreditation systems to ensure the highest quality of product.

Why source from ASFC?

By partnering with ASFC our customers know that they can partner with a supplier that:

  • Provides a secure, consistent and reliable source of high quality Australian beef, seafood, poultry and other products – direct from Australia.
  • Can tailor the whole supply chain to produce and market a premium product that is exactly what their customers value
  • Provides more flexibility than sourcing through large suppliers – we work with our customers as their business changes and grows
  • Sources high quality, sustainably produced products that are safe, healthy and grown in clean, natural environments far from pollution – using world class provenance and traceability systems to ensure quality
  • Offers marketing support, materials and branding to enable our customers to grow their business and increase their profit margins by distinguishing their products on the basis of quality and healthiness
  • Offers customers a range of complimentary products which reduces risk and time associated with sourcing from multiple suppliers
  • Offers competitively priced Australian beef and protein products.

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